Your Letters of Recommendation - Time’s Running Out

For those of you LSAT prep students applying for Fall 2015, it’s imperative that your applications are complete and sent in soon (if you haven’t already sent them out). Hopefully, most of you who still have incomplete applications already have your LSAT score in and are merely tweaking essays and/or filling out application forms. Some of you, however, may be taking the February LSAT—still swimming in Logical Reasoning questions, Reading Comprehension passages and Logic Games. Regardless of the status of your LSAT score, however, it’s so important to have your application completely done within the next few days so you can either send them out immediately or be ready to send them out upon receipt of your score.

What does this mean? That means all essays must be written, edited, and perfected. All transcripts must be requested and sent in. All application forms must be filled out and all letters of rec must be requested, written, and sent in. Now, this is the trickiest part, as you don’t have complete control over your letters of rec. Sure, you can hand deliver your letter of rec packets and requests to your professors, but from that point it’s up to them when they write it and send it in. The holidays are a big distraction for professors with lots of recs to write. That’s why, especially this time of month, it’s important for you to start prodding your professors who have not yet sent in your letters.

It’s important that you understand how easy the “submission” process is so make sure that you communicate this ease to your professors. As long as you’ve signed them up to submit electronically, it takes only a couple seconds to register and only few more seconds to upload and approve the letter. Don’t let them use the-submission-process-is-tricky defense on you!

Another good way to gently prod, seeing as your professors are doing you a favor, is to remind them of your deadlines. Because they’re not truly doing you a favor if they don’t send your letters in on time!

Remember to always try and check in on any professors dragging their feet on completing your letters. Don’t be overbearing. Just drop by, possibly with some baked goods and ask them if there’s anything you can do to help them with the process.

On that note, make sure when your professors have finished writing you their recs, to thank them with a card and a small gift. I sent each one of my professors a nice bottle of wine and a thank you note. It’s polite and leaves a good impression. You never know when you will need their help again!

Okay, for those of you already clad with your LSAT score, finish your applications! For those of you taking the February LSAT, get back to your LSAT prep!

Happy Studying!

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