LSAT Test Prep Trivia Break: Jobs No Longer In Existence

Seeing as it’s almost the weekend, let's take a break from your LSAT Prep. I thought we could take a quick trivia break. I know that during my own LSAT prep I was prone to distractions online, which inevitably led me to odd lists of trivia on Buzzfeed or Facebook. So, instead of you taking your precious LSAT prep time away from those Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Logic Game Sections, I did the arduous work for you and found some fun trivia we can unwind with for a few minutes.

Today we will be going over “Jobs That No Longer Exist.” As time passes, technology and innovation make certain jobs obsolete. It’s actually really interesting to see what people used to get paid for. Let’s begin!

  1. Bowling Alley Pinsetter
    Before the days of automatic pin resetting, small children would get paid—typically very low wages—to quickly reset the pins for more rounds of the game.
  2. Human Alarm Clock
    The people who held this position were popularly known as “knocker-uppers.” They would walk their route and tap on the windows of their clients with long sticks, throw pebbles, and shout until their clients assured them that they had woken. More efficient than your iPhone? Probably not.
  3. Ice Cutter
    Prior to the invention of the fridge, the most efficient way to keep things cold was to harvest ice in the winter and store it for the warmer months. The job was very dangerous. These people would have to traverse frozen ponds and cut giant blocks of ice from frigid waters. Many died because of falling in and suffering from hypothermia.
  4. Rat Catcher
    During the time that Europe had a large rat infestation, this was a very lucrative job. It was also a very perilous job because rats usually carried disease and these people were at risk of getting bitten. But, it was a necessary job and a great public service.
  5. Milkman
    You’ve seen people play this part in TV shows and movies. In the time before refrigerators, milk would spoil in a day. That’s why the milkman would make daily deliveries, making sure everyone had their daily necessity of calcium-rich milk.

Interesting, right? It’s funny to think that many jobs that we find necessary today will become just as obsolete in the years to come. Hope you liked that little trivia break in your day. Now get back to your LSAT prep!

Happy studying!

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