The LSAT Test and Good Luck

As the September LSAT Test approaches, I’m sure  you are hearing these two words a lot: good luck. I became aware of this when I was in the midst of my LSAT prep oh so many years ago. Everyone attached a “good luck” to the ends of all their sentences to me. Those two words were constantly orbiting me, and it got me thinking: How does luck play out in the real world?

Apparently, there is something to good luck charms and superstitions. The University of Cologne in Germany conducted a study last year to test the effects of believing in luck. The results showed that to some extent, the superstitions do work. Believing in the power of a good luck charm can actually help improve performance in certain situations! So, we decided to make a list of good luck charms and superstitions in case you’d like to try some of them out in the next few weeks!

  1. Crossing your fingers
  2. Knocking on wood
  3. A robin flying into the house
  4. Sneezing 3 times before breakfast
  5. Meeting 3 sheep (I’m not making this up)
  6. Looking at the new moon over your right shoulder
  7. A 4-leaf clover
  8. Spilling wine while proposing a toast
  9. A horseshoe
  10. Peacock feathers
  11. Cutting your hair during a storm
  12. Avoiding cracks on the sidewalk
  13. A ladybug
  14. Carrying an acorn on your person
  15. Picking up a penny that is heads up

Alright–we did some research–you can buy ladybugs at Home Depot. You might be able to find a robin at a nearby bird show. Plea your case to the robin-breeder and he or she might let you borrow it so it can fly into your house. Have a few friends sprinkle heads up pennies in a 10-foot radius of you. Maybe run through a park and knock on all the trees, have some wine with dinner and propose something. We are not really sure where you can find sheep, and we don’t think there are any storms “a’brewin” but, you catch our drift.

Whatever it is, if you have a routine or charm for good luck, stick with it and believe in it during your LSAT prep. These beliefs have been shown to increase your confidence in your own abilities and knowledge. Don’t shun any option. Welcome whatever superstition induced-confidence you can muster!

Happy Studying! And good luck!