For those of you studying for the October LSAT, a time where you are done with your LSAT preparation seems foreign and far away. However, I promise that soon you will be done with studying for this exam, have your applications in, and, possibly even, know which school you will be attending in the fall. Many students currently in this predicament often ask us what they should be doing the summer before they start their 1L year. I've compiled a list of the top five things that will help this next step in your law school career.

    Think about enrolling in a law school prep course
    I know you may have just finished a long bout of prepping for the LSAT, but law school is a whole new beast. Many law schools offer a "1L Primer" course that help students get acquainted with what will be expected of them in law school, e.g. how to write case briefs, how to read a case, how to write in IRAC form, etc. I've found that most students who take these types of primers feel a lot more at ease their first few months of law school and have a leg up on the rest of their classmates.

    Enjoy summer
     Remember, the summer before you enter law school is probably the last time you'll have such a large chunk of time with nothing pressing to do. Kick back, get a tan, BBQ, go on a vacation, go road tripping, and get lots of sleep. Once law school begins, it'll be nonstop till you graduate. Your breaks and summers will be filled with studying, outlining, interviewing and "externing." Take advantage of this time now.

    (Read for pleasure
    You'll be doing a ton of reading in law school, but it won't be riveting mysteries or passionate love stories. You will be inundated with cases, briefs and memos you must read, reread and outline. Reading for pleasure will be a long forgotten memory by the time you're done with your first year of law school. Take the time now to catch up on that reading list your LSAT prep prevented you from getting into.

    Get organized
    If you haven't gathered by now, the next three years are going to be jam-packed with studying, reading, going to lecture, and networking. You won't have time to make any big changes in your life, e.g. adding exercise to your routine, redecorating your home, cleaning out the attic. If you want to switch up your schedule, do it now. Get used to regular exercise this summer so you won't have to lumber through conditioning your body once school starts. Clean out that attic you've always been meaning to make into a studio or cool lounge to chill out in. Get organized quickly before you won't have the time!

    Spend time with your loved ones
    Soon, hanging out with friends and loved ones on a regular basis will be a yearned-for luxury. Get in your quality time now and take the time to explain to your loved ones that you'll soon be running very short on time. It's not them—it's you. Take that trip you've been planning on for so long with your partner. Go to Disneyland with your kids. Spend time laughing and reminiscing with your family. You'll soon see how little time you will be able to devote to others.

I know it sounds like you're walking into a horrible ordeal. To the contrary, your law school experience will be one of the most interesting and memorable of your life. You'll learn more than you've ever learned in your academic life. You'll make friends who will be in your life forever. You'll connect with mentors and advisors who will help better your life. Some of you may even find the love of your life. This is not to say that it won't be difficult, but I promise it will also be absolutely fascinating. For those of you still studying for the LSAT, keep up your hard work!

Happy Studying!