The Best LSAT Tutors in Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas is smaller than many cities, but the population has grown by 13.5% since the early 2000s so it's on the rise. Wichita is also a cultural center overcoming its small size, with museums that tell the story of the city's heritage and gardens that inspire awe. Wichita is a humble city that speaks to those who settle within it, but only if you listen.

With that said, Wichita is also a great city practice law. The average house costs less than $150,000, and the average salary for lawyers is about $100,000. While the annual salary is less than the national average, the low cost of living makes Wichita more favorable than most cities for aspiring lawyers.

Wichita also has many opportunities for aspiring lawyers. With a smaller population than most cities, there is a high demand for lawyers due to the city's status as a center of governmental organizations and labor unions. Furthermore, there are excellent law schools like President's College within the city.

The problem is that President's College is the only law school in the city. For this reason, students have to set themselves apart from the competition. The best way to do this is to take the LSAT exam and score well. While it's a complex test, it's not impossible to prepare for. With good studying habits and a little help from a qualified tutor, achieving the score you need on the LSAT is within reach.

What to Look for in LSAT Tutors

When it comes to the LSAT, no two tutors are the same. You have to be careful because you don't want to waste any time or money. Luckily, there are a few ways to determine whether not a tutor is a good fit. It comes down to their education, LSAT scores, tutoring experience, and scheduling.

High LSAT Scores

We'll start with LSAT scores. LSAT scores are the first thing you should look for when looking at LSAT tutors. Without a high LSAT score, the odds of a tutor being useful drop significantly. The 99th percentile comprises people who score between 170 and 180, so we recommend working with tutors that scored within this range if possible.

Tutoring Experience

Tutoring experience is just as crucial as LSAT scores. Without expertise, tutors struggle to teach the knowledge they know. At this point, it doesn't matter how smart an LSAT tutor is if they're not a good tutor. If they can't teach it, you'll end up wasting time and money with each session. For this reason, we recommend working with tutors that have at least 500 hours of LSAT experience or years of teaching experience. The LSAT is not an exam you want to mess around with or waste time on.


Education is another great thing to look for. While it doesn't tell you everything, it gives you an idea of how skilled a tutor is in specific LSAT sections. For example, someone with an English background is better suited to help you with the writing section than someone who studied mathematics. While certain undergraduate degrees can be useful, above all else we recommend working with tutors with a background in law, preferably with a Juris Doctor.


Scheduling is also something you need to consider. Spend some time going over your schedule and try to leave a few days open for LSAT tutoring. Once you have your ideal schedule, cross-reference it with the schedules of tutors to see if they're a good fit. Regardless of how great a tutor is, if your schedules don't line up, it's irrelevant.

Online vs. In-Person LSAT Tutors

Knowing what to look for in a tutor is a great start. You'll be able to separate good tutors from bad tutors, but you still have to make a choice. Ultimately you have two options, in-person or online LSAT tutors. Both have pros and cons, so we'll break those down for you.

Online Tutors

We'll start with online tutors. Online tutoring used to be useless, but times have changed. While internet connection used to be poor, and there was no video chat, innovation has made online tutoring a viable option. Today, online tutoring is just as good if not better than in-person tutoring.

What makes online tutoring unique is the flexibility. You don't need to worry about commuting to a location or finding one that works because it's all done online. Furthermore, online tutors have better availability than in-person tutors, and this applies to test prep companies too. Online tutoring is also more affordable than in-person tutoring.

Still, online tutoring suffers from one flaw, which is the lack of face-to-face interaction. While video calls emulate this well, it's not the same as having someone in the same room as you. If you like the classroom-style approach and don't mind the commute, in-person tutoring is a viable alternative. With that said, we think online tutoring is an excellent option for the majority of students.

In-Person Tutors

In-person tutoring is a little bit outdated, but it gets the job done. In-person tutors have been around for a while, and not much has changed. With in-person tutoring, it's all about face-to-face interaction and relationship building.

When a tutor is in the same room as you, it's easier for them to learn about your needs. This includes discovering your strengths and weaknesses, as well as holding you accountable. Another great thing about in-person tutoring is the ability of tutors to include peer learning in their sessions. If you have a group, working together with the same tutor is a great way to prepare for the exam.

Despite in-person tutoring being effective, there are drawbacks. First and foremost, in-person tutors aren't flexible. Availability is scarce, and travel times make it challenging to meet with tutors during peak travel hours. In-person tutoring is also more expensive than online tutoring. We recommend in-person tutoring for students that need accountability and a rigid schedule to succeed.

Online Tutors

In-person Tutors

Flexible schedule

No commute


Face-to-face interaction

Peer support

The Best LSAT Tutors in Wichita, Kansas

There aren't many LSAT tutors in Wichita, so working with the right one is essential. If you end up spending time with the wrong tutor, you'll end up wasting time and money. To help you narrow down your choices, we've compiled a list of the best LSAT tutors in Wichita, Kansas.

LSATMax Tutors

LSATMax is an excellent choice, regardless of where you live. LSATMax works with top-rated tutors to bring the classroom to your living room and help you improve your LSAT score. With LSATMax, a tutor has your back every step of the way. So, think of LSATMax as your secret weapon for the exam.

It all starts with flexibility. There are many packages that students can choose from, with each one bringing value to the table. Even the least expensive packages come with additional studying material and mobile app accesses. Furthermore, the schedule is centered around the student, and sessions cost less than other test prep companies.

Finally, LSATMax works with the best tutors in the business. Every tutor has passed the LSAT within the 99th percentile, and they're proud of that. Plus, all LSATMax tutors have a at least few years worth of experience tutoring for the exam. Overall, LSATMax offers the highest-quality tutoring at the best value

Cost: Depends on hours ($133/hour least expensive package)

Location: Online Only (Video or Phone Conference)

Financing: Yes (via Affirm)

Qualifications: 99th percentile on the LSAT



Shane scored within the 99th percentile on the LSAT exam. He's also tutored over 200 students on the exam, which is impressive at his young age. This has made Shane one of Wyzant's top-rated LSAT tutors, and for a good reason. He brings energy to every session and knows how to connect with students, even if they're on the other side of a webcam.

Cost: $150/hour

Location: Online

Financing: No

Qualifications: Passed the LSAT



TestMasters is second only to LSATMax among LSAT tutorial companies. While TestMasters is primarily a test prep company, many qualified tutors are happy to help with one-on-one LSAT tutelage. There are many packages to choose from, with the least expensive option being the hourly package. Still, if you want to get the most value out of TestMasters, we recommend getting one of the more comprehensive packages.

The larger packages that TestMasters offers come with additional perks. For example, there are dozens of practice exam questions to choose from, and tutors have more time to spend with you on each question.

Cost: $175/hour

Location: Online

Financing: No

Qualifications: All tutors have passed the LSAT



Benjamin is a staff member at Wichita State University. While he works at the school full-time, he always dedicates additional time for his students. For this reason, he started an LSAT prep course that students can participate in online. The course has a specific schedule, and students can take each class at their leisure.

The reason we're including Benjamin on a list of the best LSAT tutors is simple; he acts like one. He breaks down all of the sessions, and he has no problem answering additional questions or connecting with students offline. Plus, every student gets one-on-one attention.

Cost: $99

Location: Online

Financing: No

Qualifications: Passed the LSAT



Denise is someone who knows Wichita well. She spent six years at Wichita State University and maintained a good relationship with the staff. Denise is also well-versed in most subjects and can teach Spanish and English, so she can tutor students that have bilingual needs. Furthermore, Denise maintained a 3.45 GPA in school during her bachelor's and master's program.

Denise also has a lot of teaching experience. She's spent years in Wichita State University's teaching programs, which makes her skilled at finding strengths and weaknesses in students' college level. Her main focus area for the LSAT is the writing section, but she also does general test prep.

Cost: TBD by University Tutors

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Financing: No

Qualifications: Wichita State University ? Masters in English