Getting Into University of Georgia Law School

University of Georgia School of Law Overview

The University of Georgia School of Law was founded in 1859. It’s one of the oldest in the US and the oldest in the state of Georgia. Aspiring lawyers view UGA as among the top choices in the country, and it’s consistently ranked near the best in the state. The quality of the education at UGA School of Law equips graduates to become industry leaders.

In 1880 courses at the school included parliamentary law, equity, and different types of commercial law. It wasn’t until 1931 that the school became a member of the Association of American Law Schools.

Hirsch Hall is the school’s main building. It houses the Alexander Campbell King Law Library, which, like the school, is the oldest law library in the state. In 1996 the school received a 40,000 square foot upgrade during the opening of Dean Rusk Hall (next to Hirsch Hall). Walking around the campus today, you’ll be amazed at the sheer size of the school and the resources available to students.

The University of Georgia School of Law is a public law school that allows students to have a comprehensive education through concurrent enrollment in other departments, joint degrees, and elective courses. Therefore, students have the freedom to pursue the kind of education that’s practical and also allows them to take on other interests.

Students can also take advantage of study abroad programs and global initiatives. These are available during school breaks so that students can use their time away from regular studies productively. Students at the University of Georgia School of Law are encouraged to pursue other interests with the hope of getting a well-rounded education. The idea is that students should take away much more than knowledge of the law when they graduate.

Furthermore, students can choose from more than 40 student organizations and 20 experiential learning opportunities. One of the choices is the Georgia Law Mental Health Alliance – a group designed to support and discuss mental illness and its legal ramifications. Another community is the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. This group fights for animal rights in the state of Georgia by working to change legislation. There are many more groups at the University of Georgia School of Law. These groups not only enhance each student’s education, but they give them a chance to mingle in activities outside of classes.

Some of the notable alumni that graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law include Kenneth Gross, the US ambassador to Tajikistan, and Sally Quillian Yates, former US acting attorney general. The school has a good track record of graduating students that go on to pursue successful careers in law. Among the list you’ll find 110 federal legislators and more than ten governors.

The application fee to enter the University of Georgia School of Law is $50. The out of state tuition is $38,652 and the in-state tuition is $19,894. The student-faculty ratio is 7.5:1, which is an indication of how much attention each student can expect to receive from faculty members.

Law School Rankings

Are you aware of the rankings of the schools you are interested in? It’s vital to familiarize yourself with school rankings because it gives you an idea of the quality you can expect. Schools ranked higher on average offer a better education, more resources, upgraded infrastructure and a host of other benefits.

However, you should also expect that it will be significantly harder to gain entry into a higher ranked school. Moreover, the tuition costs can be a lot higher at better schools, which should also factor into your decision-making.

A school’s rank also plays a role in how likely you are to get a job. Employers consider the rank to determine the quality of your degree. ranks the University of Georgia School of Law as tied for 31st place in the country, a well-above-average position. However, ranks them higher, at the 21st position.

University of Georgia School of Law Admissions

What Is the University of Georgia School of Law Acceptance Rate?

Generally speaking, the highest-ranked schools have the lowest acceptance rates. That’s because they receive the most applications and they have a limited number of spots to fill. Therefore, they need to reject more applicants than lower-ranked schools that receive fewer applications.

The acceptance rate depends on the number of applications for a given year and how many places are available. Ultimately, the admission requirements determine the acceptance rate. That’s because fewer students might apply to schools where the requirements are stricter. After all, why waste energy applying for a school they expect will not give them a chance.

The University of Georgia School of Law is one of the leaders in the globalization movement of education. Therefore, in principle, anyone from anywhere the world has an equal shot of getting into the program.

The acceptance rate in 2017 was 33%, but fell to just 26.8% in 2020. Therefore, the University of Georgia School of Law is becoming increasingly more difficult to get into. That might be because of a rise in popularity or because fewer people are meeting the tough requirements set by the school.




Class of 2023 2078 685 (32.96%) 189 (9.1%)
25% Median 75%
GPA 3.36 3.71 3.83
LSAT 156 162 164

Georgia Law School LSAT Percentiles

75th percentile 164
50th percentile 162
25th percentile 156

2023 Entering class Profile

Number of Students 974
LSAT Score 166
Undergraduate GPA 3.74
% Women 50.50%
%  Students of Color 3.0%

What is the Tuition For the University of Georgia School of Law?

In-State Resident Non-Resident
Full Time $31,962 $44,124
Part Time N/A N/A

What Are the Living Expenses At the University of Georgia School of Law?

On-Campus $19,425
Off-Campus $19,425

What Are the Housing Options At the University of Georgia School of Law?

On-Campus Yes
Off-Campus Yes

Bar Passage Rates At the University of Georgia School of Law

Reporting 86.9%
First Time Takers 198
Georgia Law School  Average 84.3%
Georgia State Average 80.7%
National Average 79.64%

Application deadlines

When will the University of Georgia School of Law application materials be available?

Take the time to look at the University of Georgia School of Law official website for more information about application materials. Applications become available September 1st.

When does the University of Georgia School of Law begin accepting applications?

UGA accepts applications after September 1st of each year.

How are applications to the University of Georgia School of Law submitted?

Complete the application process via the LSAC online application service, which handles all stages of all applications for the University of Georgia School of Law.

Does the University of Georgia School of Law have an “early admission” or an “early decision” process?

There is an early decision process. It requires applications to be submitted by December 15th. If students did not apply for the early decision process, they can still apply before June 15th for the standard application process.

Application Fee $50
Early Decision Deadline 12/01/2021
Regular Decision Deadline 06/15/2022

Does the University of Georgia School of Law grant interviews?

The University of Georgia School of Law does not use interviews as part of their regular admissions process. However, they reserve the right to contact an applicant if they want to conduct an interview to better assess the student.

Employment After the University of Georgia School of Law

Median Salary Private Sector $90,000
Median Salary Public Sector $50,000

The University of Georgia School of Law is an excellent law school in the US and offers amazing job opportunities for graduates. As you’ve seen, there is a long list of graduates that have gone on to have careers in law as governors and federal legislators.

Take a look at the information below for a better idea of the employment opportunities after the University of Georgia School of Law :

  • The employment rate at the time of graduation is 64.6%, which means a large portion of students get off to a flying start. It’s an impressive figure that should give potential students more motivation to get into the program.
  • $90,000 is the median private sector starting salary. It’s a competitive figure that provides insight into the quality of the jobs that graduates can expect.
  • The median public service starting salary is $50,000, which is respectable for the public sector. The range of jobs that you can get using this degree means you can choose a line of work according to your interests.

Choosing to go to law school is a big financial investment. The benefits of an education are amazing, but there must also be a good financial incentive so that your investment pays off. From the data provided above, it’s clear that the University of Georgia School of Law is a superb choice, as the chances of landing a high paying job are in your favor.