In 2012, TestMax forever changed the face of LSAT prep by releasing LSATMax—the most comprehensive, convenient and affordable LSAT prep course on the market.

While LSATMax was named 2017's #1-ranked LSAT prep course, we were still not satisfied. There had to be a way to improve our product.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that, after years of research and development, we have developed the final evolution of LSATMax.

The problem with LSATMax is quite simple. While it provides you with everything you need to prepare for the LSAT, at the end of the day, LSATMax still requires you to study for and eventually take the exam.

Not anymore! Introducing the LSATMax 180 Package.

Through an intricate process of facial recognition-point matching ("facial matching"), every LSATMax 180 student will be matched with one of our world-class instructors, who will then take the LSAT for you.

That's right! One of our instructors will TAKE THE LSAT FOR YOU!!! And we GUARANTEE that you will receive a score of 180.

So stop worrying about your LSAT prep. Kick back and make fun of your friends who are spending their days worrying about formal logic. Soon, you'll be able to say, "That's a good strawman, Larry, but I also think you're making a causation premise!"

And when he looks at you bewildered, you can smile wide knowing you've got a 180 in the bag.

Enroll in the LSATMax 180 Package today!