Post LSAT Prep Musings: The Proliferation of Lawyer-CEOs

Happy Tuesday, LSAT Prep Friends! I thought that we could take a quick and well-deserved break from LSAT prep to discuss an aspect of law school that I find very interesting—the nature of law school and how it may affect your future career path.

I hope most of you are aspiring to go to law school to one day don the title of attorney. However, it’s common to see law school students graduate and pass the bar exam, yet move towards a non-legal career. Remember that a J.D. is a very versatile degree so more and more law schools are seeing their graduates venture off onto different career paths. Evidence of this divergence can be seen in the prevalence of CEOs today that have legal degrees.

After all, a J.D. is a lofty tool to put in the back pocket of any successful CEO. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at a few CEOs of some well-known companies that went to law school.

  1. Lloyd C. Blankfein
    CEO of Goldman Sachs Group
    Harvard Law School
  2. Kenneth I. Chenault
    CEO of American Express
    Harvard Law School
  3. Richard H. Anderson
    CEO Delta Airlines
    South Texas College of Law
  4. Francis S. Blake
    CEO of Home Depot
    Columbia Law School
  5. Phillippe P. Dauman
    CEO of Viacom
    Columbia Law School
  6. Anthony F. Jr. Earley
    CEO of PG&E Corp.
    Columbia Law School
  7. Gerald L. Storch
    CEO of Toys “R” Us
    Harvard Law School
  8. Steven H. Temares
    CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond
    University of Pennsylvania
  9. Richard Parsons
    CEO of Time Warner
    Albany Law School
  10. John Chidsey
    CEO of Burger King
    Emory University

So, for those of you who have your eyes set on one day leading or starting a company, keep your chin up! You LSAT prep is well worth the time and effort you are putting in. Even TestMax’s own CEO is a Harvard Law School graduate. Who knows? Maybe in four years you’ll be starting your own business, too!

Happy Studying!

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