Pensive Rain Ruminations | LSATMax Prep

Though I was born and raised (mostly) a Southern California girl, I do believe a part of my heart will always be in Northern California, namely Berkeley and San Francisco. I spent some of the most formative years of my life up north and I feel that one of the most poignant things about Berkeley and San Francisco was the weather. I love Northern California weather. It was pensive weather, always chilly, skies were gray and wet, and the air was windy. When I graduated I came back to Southern California to study for the LSAT. When I was studying I was faced with warm weather, bright sunny skies, and not a cloud in sight. That may seem perfect for a lot of you, but it was very difficult for me. Bright, sunny weather makes me not want to be productive. I just want to go outside and play. That mindset was not very conducive for me during my LSAT prep.

That’s why, during this time of year in Southern California, I always try and take in the cold rainy weather, though it only ever lasts for a few days and leaves me melancholic of one of my favorite places in the world. The brightness that rain brings is a productive brightness. The sun shines through the clouds and streaks out bright white light that is more contemplative than it is cheery. I like to sit by a window and take in this light while drinking a hot coffee and reading a good book or writing.

The first time I took the LSAT I took the December test, and so I was able to use some of this rare Southern California weather to my advantage. I’d sit at my desk and use the light as encouragement to work hard on my Logical Reasoning sections. I’d read and read and let the pattern of the rain lull me into a logic minded trance. It may seem silly, but I encourage you to take advantage of this weather. You might find rain lazy or tiring, but I urge you to try and use it to your benefit. Look at the rain as something that is quieting rather than tiring. Let it quiet you into study. Let it calm your nerves about the LSAT, and allow its rhythm to drum you forward through your sections.

The rain inspires me. I suppose that’s why I’m writing to you in this way today. I like to utilize the energy this weather gives me. You can let the rain be cozy and productive. Grab a drink that will warm you, and make sure to sit at a desk or a table. Don’t make the fatal mistake of staying in bed on a lazy day. Your bed may seem inviting, but the rain will mesmerize you into a sleepy state if you are reclined. Compromise and let the bright light of the rain push you forward through that practice LSAT test.

Don’t forget to take a moment and play in the rain. Being outside is a great way to take your mind off of your stress. Let yourself go and get splashed. Some people feel the rain, and others just get wet. Don’t let yourself be the latter!

Happy Studying!